About Our Products

Our mission is to provide a viable, easy-to-use product for securing your golf equipment while you have to leave your clubs unattended.  If you are a golfer, I'm sure you know what we mean.  It is sometimes not possible to guard your clubs when you check in with the pro shop, grab a snack, or just come off the course for some reason.  It is always an uncomfortable feeling leaving your clubs out there.  Let's face it, your clubs are up for grabs whenever you leave them unattended!

With equipment costing what it does, you can not afford to leave them unprotected.  Our goal at Watchdog Golf is to keep your clubs safe.

We had two objectives in developing this product:  To disrupt the timing and opportunity of theives.  The product had to be easily secured, durable, stylish and lightweight.  We feel this is a premier device in golf equipment safety and is intended to be the ultimate in a theft deterrent.

This product will give you freedom to concentrate on your game and what you came to do.....play golf!  We hope you will try one of our Watchdog Golf Security Covers and experience the peace of mind you will get from knowing that your clubs are protected!

Get a Watchdog and go golf!




Most successful thefts are based on timing and opportunity.  This devise will deter, slow down, and discourage perpetrators to the point that most will move on to easier targets.  And because your clubs are covered and locked you can feel better about those times when you have to leave your clubs unattended.  The WATCHDOG GOLF SECURITY COVER is a deterrent against theft.  We make no claims or guarantees that you will never experience loss of property; therefore we will not be responsible for any losses incurred while using this product.  We do guarantee workmanship for 90 days from date of purchase. If you experience product failure due to workmanship, contact us at watchdoggolf@att.net for return authorization to either repair or replace the defect.  You must have your receipt to verify purchase date.